Hello! Parev! Hola! …etc.

Everyone at Brand Optometry does things from A-Z. All with our community in mind.

As a family business, we don’t treat our patients like patients, but as a favorite relative. That’s why we love helping each other out from scheduling appointments, ordering the cool new turquoise and orange specs, to dusting the displays, because we want to offer everything we can to You, our extended family!

Your satisfaction is our goal and we believe we have world class service that goes along with the international tranquil vibe of our office. With a smile, we will assist in any questions regarding the silly wording of insurance, the best anti-reflective coating for fishing, dry eye office visits, etc.

Look, we want to help you see what’s invisible and make you feel like an inch taller each time you put one of our hand-picked, tailored frames on your wonderful face. Plain and simple.

We know you can go to the big box stores, but we got it all from the most innovative, independent glasses to your favorite brand names. All from $95-$950. (Don’t worry big ballers, we got some some stuff in the four digits also) 

Come down to our lovely location on Brand Blvd. in Glendale across the street from Porto’s and next to Hot Wings. We have an in-house lab with trays on trays. We have multiple doctors with awesome personalities. There’s a hilarious chalkboard outside welcoming all our new fam. We might boogie during your pre-test. We bet you, that we’ll be your FAVORITE DOCTOR’s OFFICE.

Got to see it to believe it, right?

Thank you, merci, gracias … etc.

Call us anytime.

Enjoy your day.